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Providing Lactation Services and Education in the comfort of your home. 

Serving mothers in and around Steubenville, Ohio



Elizabeth Swope RN, BSN, IBCLC


I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and a Registered Nurse (RN) with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). IBCLCs are certified breastfeeding professionals with the highest level of knowledge and skill in breastfeeding support. The availability of ICBLCs increases breastfeeding rates, which, in turn, improves the health outcomes of the community, nation, and the world.


I have always been passionate about women’s health and supporting a woman as she brings new life into the world. Throughout my career as a nurse I have worked in an  OB/GYN office for three years. I also worked as a clinical instructor for a baccalaureate degree nursing program and trained student  nurses on a labor and delivery and mother baby unit for six years. I have been a La Leche League Leader for the last two years. I also have over eight years of experience  breastfeeding my own children.


Edith Stein said, “To be a mother is to nourish and protect true humanity and bring it to development.” My role is to support you in your journey to nourish your baby. Everyone’s breastfeeding journey is different and I am here to support you in yours. 



Mother Baby Bonding


I offer in-home consultations so I can help you where you are most comfortable. 


Initial Consult: $125 (60-90 minutes)

*Twins: $150

I will perform an in- home evaluation of the feeding relationship and observe a breastfeeding session. During the consultation, we will work to resolve any issues. I hope to instill confidence and give you the tools needed for you to reach your feeding goals. 



Follow up: $80 ( 30-60 minutes)

*Twins: $105

An in-home postpartum follow up provides continued care beyond the initial lactation consult. This visit continues the support as the family continues working on their breastfeeding relationship and goals. Follow up visits can also include support on a variety of lactation challenges that may arise. 


Travel Fee: A fee of $30 will be added for each visit if the client lives over 20 driving miles from my residence. 

What people are saying...

Happy Baby

“ Hey friends! Just wanted to recommend Elizabeth Swope as a lactation consultant. I’m on baby #3 and have always had an awful time breastfeeding. Like pretty much hated it with my first two kids. I had supply issues, it was crazy painful, and our second wouldn’t nurse unless I was pacing around the house.


We had our third baby two weeks ago and Bitsy came over to help. Guys. This is the first time I’ve enjoyed breastfeeding and our little guy is gaining weight like crazy. And I’m able to pump on top of regular feedings, which has also never happened before. Just wanted to give her a shout out because I’m so grateful for her help! If you need help, I can’t recommend Bitsy enough!!”

- Caitlin

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

“I had a fantastic experience with Bitsy! I didn’t have a good experience breastfeeding my first two babies due to lack of knowledge and guidance from other lactation consultants, but after meeting with Bitsy, I have so much more confidence and tools to breastfeed as long as I want. This has been the easiest breastfeeding journey thanks to Bitsy and her knowledge in this area!”

- Cassie

Elizabeth is the best! Without her, I would have given up on breastfeeding early on. Now, my son is a happy, chubby 15 month-old and we’re still breastfeeding. With her experience as a mother and training as a lactation consultant and nurse, she provides an amazing understanding of all that’s involved when breastfeeding. Not just the mental and physical, but she also understands the emotional demands it takes to nourish your baby. She is very knowledgeable, professional, calm, and sweet. I highly recommend her and will definitely want her to help me get my next baby off to such a healthy, happy start. Thank you, Elizabeth.” -Margaret

“The peace and care that Bitsy provided during my consultation gave myself and my baby confidence and set us up for a successful breastfeeding experience! She is amazing!”


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